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I was abandoned at 3. Fostered and dumped at 13. Alcoholic relatives til 17. Then I hit the streets. But I always felt a spirit guiding me. I survived horrific things. My 3 brothers committed suicide. I refused. Married for 20 years. Became a terrific parent of two beautiful successful children. Divorced at 40, and now a Cancer survivor (I think) only to be abandoned by my two loving children. Such is Life.

I wake up with a start before the alarm goes off and, being that it has not sounded yet, I attempt to roll over and resume my often-haunted dreams. After what feels like forever, finally accepting that sleep is not coming, I grab my phone. Open it. 8:24am. Jesus.
After watching a morning talk-show I crawl out of bed; start my morning routine an hour before any other day. 10:04. What do people do when they are awake this early? I settle on beginning the book I purchased the night before. It’s about cancer; more precisely, watching parents die of Read more

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