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They churn them out. large flop-bellied to be filled at least once a year. they talk breast pads and husbands and ovary activity. i fight the urge to run and fill my mind with nick cave's lyrics and far away countries. one of them turns from the pack and looks at me, her eyes freeze under her smile. she says something to the rest and then makes her move in my direction. i sink in to the park bench, scour the playground for my child, long to be saved by someone who doesn't shop at the school jumble sale. i Read more

There's many of them out there but the best ones are for kicking. That's what I thought when I decided to coach a little league soccer team, the worst team in the history of the world. Each defeat required ladders to reach, some were so mountainous they required oxygen. Humiliated, trounced, and crushed summed up my feelings of abject coaching failure. I was not to be a hero, revered in little league by the nation's future. In fact, if these kids were to have any memory of me at all, it would likely resonate around these tones: That guy was Read more

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