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I woke up this morning to a call from my mom. This isn’t a rare occurrence, since I often sleep past the hour when most people deem it appropriate to make a phone call (work doesn't start for me until 1:30 p.m.), and my mom loves making phone calls. When she makes them, she likes to talk about a lot of things, many of them slightly trivial. So, I wasn’t all that worried about it; I didn’t panic and immediately assume something was wrong like many people do when they're awakened by a phone call from a family member.

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It's amazing how life can fall apart overnight. January 4th happened 12 months ago, and I still can't forget the pain your leaving caused me.
it started when I caught mom on the phone with grandma, around 7:30 AM. it's difficult to put into words what happened, but you died. I remember how I stayed at your house until break was almost over in a couple days, and I really wish I'd been there up until break ended. gammy said you were happy before you died, and that you thought you were fine every time the rescue squad came, Read more

My grandmother died suddenly this morning, just a few weeks shy of her 98th birthday. My dad was with her at the end, which was quiet and peaceful. He is not doing well with this deep loss, and my sisters and I are trying to help him settle into his life without her. I wonder, though, if my sons will fully understand the importance of her passing, and how much it brings to light the essential and fragile connections of their history.
In the end, her laboring heart just gave out, but her sharp mind stayed with her. She was Read more

Last year, at eighty-six, my mother-in-law of twenty-three years had surgery to remove over half of her cancer-filled stomach. We went before the surgery, to stay until Minnie was out of rehab and either back at home or settled in a nursing home.
We had spent almost no time in her Cleveland home since our marriage. She loved to travel and we met her in the Bahamas, in Vegas, and on cruises. She also visited our homes in Houston and Tahoe where she would get to spend time with my Read more

Talkin’ Sports (short version)
by Matt Wasowski

It was the first Sunday of the 2005 NFL season, when some time during the middle of the third quarter of the Browns’ home opener against the Bengals, my roommate Derek walks into our living room and says, “I just got some strange news this morning” and proceeds to tell me that a friend of his – one with whom I’d hung out several times – was just found dead. I don’t say much as he explains the details, only occasionally nodding my head to indicate that I share Read more

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