The Cage

As the song bird who lives in a cage, my life has been till now. The bird in the golden cage sees not the bars, so intent on looking at life outside which lay beyond. Bars set around not of her own accord, but placed by the captor, appear invisible. As the singing wanes, a faint glimmer of the enclosure that surrounds her appears into view, until the captor distracts her into her song once more. Living so long in her cage, the dreamer forgets the time once long ago where freedom filled her wings and she started to soar. Until the stormy season began, and she faltered til falling. Into view comes the captor, disguised as a “knight in shinning armor”. The sword and shield brandishing feigned defense, entices her into a promised “golden” cage, without key.
My eyes as those of the birds have now become focused….bars I see before me… well as a key, which is not out of reach, only faith and strength are needed. Though while in a cage, it is known as is secure. Key slides quietly into the lock ~ a quick decision ~ a twist opens the door, fresh breath of freedom Without a backward glance, for fear of that which would prevent my leaving…I flee.
I fly free ~ feeling the winds of freedom flow through fingertips to toes, into heart, mind and soul. Though the skies may become stormy again, a safe haven through another shall not be sought. A cage shall not hold this bird any longer, for I have tasted the freedom of the heart.


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