My Best Friend's Girlfriend

My ex was a highly coveted coworker dating someone else at the time. We had a rushed affair one sloppy night in Manhattan and I bumped into her and her man the next day. And ran. She emailed me soon after, "Next time you plan on hightailing it—don't wear a bright yellow coat."

She was like that. In your face. Soon she broke off with homeboy and I tried to step in—taking her to my pothead uncle's third wedding and trying to get serious on the World Trade Center's 101st floor bar. (Where I often went when there was something important to close). She was passive, but nevertheless I spent the night at her place. I hung on for awhile, but soon a friend asked me to meet him for a drink. I thought he was coming out. I thought he was in love with me! But no, just the opposite: my girl was in love with him! They had been a couple for some time. And I never spoke with her again. My friend didn't even pick up the bill.


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