Your all i would think of when we were apart!

Our love will be forever. He said he'd never go after her i was the love of his life. I changed him. He never wants to be with no one else. We kissed right in front of her. The next Day he asked her out. I found out(11.9.07) he kissed me like if nothing had happen two days ago. He buys me a bear. Doesn't hold my hand in public. I play around why, you have a girlfriend? He stayed quite and with that silence he broke my heart. Hugged me and told me he was sorry and it was my fault he did it. I threw the bear in the parking lot. Ran to my friends that were right in front of us. I cried i felt like dying. She told me it wasn't worth it. Alex said i'll talk to him im a guy he might say something to me. That day i died i just couldn't believe what he told me. He told me to keep the bears he bought it for me. I told him to give it to his girlfriend. He just stayed quite i saw tears come down his eyes. I just laughed your such a good actor. Teach me how to fake cry. He pushed the bears paw its said "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!" he told me he really did mean it. The same night i went home cried threw all his other gift he gave me to the floor. I picked them up because they mean so much too me. I cut my self for him. My first time ever. So many flash backs came to mind all we been threw to just end like this. He called me that night he said that he loved me. He will never forget me.He cried i loved this guy so much. I told him that fine we could kick it and we went on like this for a year till the summer of '08(9/9/06-7/2/08) that was the end of me and him. MY FIRST LOVE my first for everything. Now, he's somewhere far he just wrote me(11/13/09). Not the same were just friends. I cried when i read his letter. I MISS YOU! we were never friends he asked me out the very next day i meet him. This year was suppose to be our golden year. We thought we would last forever!


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