I believed him!

I belived him; he just lied!

He always had something to tell me. Even when it was clear that he was in the other room with someone else he had to make up a lie saying she caused me to do it. i didn't want to. I was so stupid i believed you. Knowing it was a lie. You kissed me and told me I ran all the way over her to see you. Bullshit. All he wanted from me was sex. I was stupid enough to give it to him. After a year of not having sex. Waiting to give my self to someone special. He convinced me it was the right thing to do. Also fooled me since the very first day i saw him. He was going after me. How stupid was i? But i don't wanna leave even though we don't talk as much no more and he calls me when ever he in the mood. I still LIKE him.


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