The Boston Tear Party

Nothing could top my finding out that a boyfriend of mine who was in Chile for a year had returned and did not contact me upon his arrival to the U.S. It had been a few months since his homecoming and I had learned he was back and actually enjoying a Celtics game at the old "Garden" in Boston.
I proceeded to throw back a couple (hundred) glasses of wine. After the liquid courage, I felt we should probably speak to one another right away. I hailed a cab, arrived at the entrance, and entered the Garden with a ticket to the game after paying a significantly large amount of money to a seedy guy. I went to the info desk and asked if i could have someone paged. His named was announced on loudspeaker and he was asked to come to the info desk. When he arrived, I jumped out and confronted him! He was shocked to say the least, and the security guards wanted to know if he knew me. He stood there, stared at me, and shook his head "no".
He said "No"!
I was kindly escorted away and thrown out of the Garden onto the street. I guess that's what you'd call "closure."


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