i should have known

who all my friends slept with

we both knew
knew what the other person was doing
yet we both continueddoing it
and didnt speak of it

he was the first to do so
i knew he was cheating but couldnt face it
all my freinds told me it was true
and some even brought profe
so instead of breaking if off right there and then
i still loved him,so i tryed to play the same game

i started to cheat, and he knew it
he did speak of it,knowing what i knew
know when i look back at us
we were so stupid

so for 2 months we cheated on each other
both of us knew it, but didnt try to stop it
instead when we were together, we acted like
how we did 3 months ago,just the two of us in love

one day i couldnt stand it
i asked him" are you cheating on me?"
he looked at me for about 3 minutes,didnt speak
then he had the nerve to diny it and ask if i was
and as soon as thse words came out of his mouth
we both started laughing,this lasted for about a good solid 5 minutes.
later we both admitted to it and felt stupid for the game we had been playing and we both started looking for are own appartments.

its been 4 months since then and he is know my bestfriend,who all my friends slept with.


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