they say were perfect

but i think i fell harder

i was always the one to watch
i watched people screw up there lives
i watched people fall in love
fall in hate and also fall into a spiral
i was always the one watching
never the one living

one day this changed
one day all of a sudden
i was the one living
i owe this change to him
i soon fell in love,screwed up my life and fell in hate
all happened so fast

i fell in love
he was the one,my only
i never wanted that summer to end
i think i was in love with you
you made me live
i never thought you would screw up my life

you made me crazy
you made me wild,i tried new things
not all bad but not all good
we soon both realized we had changed
clearly we didnt like the changes
and soon i found my self fall in hate

i hated you
i no longer loved you,no longer wanted you
all the wonderfulness changed to awfullness
i think we both fell in hate
but i think i fell harder
in love,and in hate with all the inbetween

i owe you all the changes in my life that 7th grade year
but i will never owe you my heart


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