i thought you were mine

i couldnt discribe how mutch i missed my safety net

ive know this boy my whole life
he was my saftey net
i knew he would always be the best friend
always ready to step up to the plate
when im feelin down or even mad
he would always some how find me and just sit in
silence untill i asked why he was there

'because im pretty sure is my job to make sure my sarah is okay & is safe'
and everytime after that i never asked why but instead when i finally turned to him,he would just rap me in a hug
and tell me its okay and how he will always be there
he had the best hugs, they smelled like my childhood

we all know are childhood is are past
and like the past soon comes the future
we grew apart we didnt speak for 2 year
but when we finally saw each other again we were all grown up and he was 15 i was 14
i couldnt discribe how mutch i missed my safety net

as expected we soon fell right back into each others new lives, soon we would spend are summers together
filled with nights of just hangin out with both are friends
everyone thought how cute it was to make the bestfriends kiss and truth or dare
sadly,to there disapointment were would never be more then friends

we both watched each other make and break there lives
he was a bit of a rebule,not surprising those who new him best. i was his sarah he is my fuz ball
i guess i havent changed to mutch still always acting older then i really am, he is still a goof who would be happy with just his bass and some pot

we still plan to take this town by storm
were gunna be 'those kids'
the ones the cops love to hate and the ones all the
teachers secretly love the students who make there boring days better,the ones who everyone knows
he is my safty net who i know is also my safe place

would you look at that
i found my childhood friend
and he is my fuz ball and im his sarah


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