my childhood friend

you were my childhood
you were 4 i was 1
bonded by the fact you were my first friend
my first crush, my first kiss
i miss those days more then you know
i want my bestfriend back

know we are all grown-up
everything has changed
you grew-up and the girls soon followed
ive watched u love,ive watched you hurt
i always had a word to say and you always thanked your childhood friend

so i sit here hoping,praying that maybe
just maybe im getting my childhood friend back
i wont lie,im hoping for more then my friend and that
maybe we can be the next taylor swift song
and that maybe you will open your eyes to what you want is right infront of you

its been 7 years
me and you are friends
i listen about your messed up family and u listen about my little girl promlems.
i got my childhood friend back
p.s she will never understand my childhood friend like me


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