he is my only......<333

okay so he called me beautiful
so he called me the one
he said i was wonderfully perfect
and that i must be a angel
that he was gunna prove to me that there not all the same

he promised that he would never hurt me
that he would always have my side
how i could spill my soul to him
and never have any doughts
about his love
and him being faithful

so he says he is one day goin to
prove to me how mutch i mean to him
he tell me i look pretty me even thou i just woke up
he says its his job to hold my books
that it is his pleasure to listen to my problems
he says he loves me

okay so hes perfect
so hes my world
my everything
my love bug,my muffin,my baby cakes
he is mine
and thats all that matters

one day im gunna tell him i love him
and when that happens
there will be peace and happiness


sarahswine says,

someone plz leave a comment
even thou all my stories are about guy friends and wanna be lovers

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