Taking Inventory

Such simple tools, so dangerous in your hands

Anger under construction
Tension bulging the walls
Yet another day
In a house with so much potential
And so much unhappiness.

One super duty saw blade
To cut through the memories
One pounding hammer, a pointed claw
To break my sense of self
One whirring sander
To drown out the screams
One long screw
To twist deliberately, slowly
Through my heart
One sheet of drywall
To build a wall of lies
One box of ceramic tile
To lay me out square by square
One box of grout
To fill my empty spaces.

Such simple tools,
Ordinary materials
So dangerous in your hands
I was but a scope of work
To be demo’d
Carefully remolded
Under your project management.

Super duty saw blade
Cut through the memories
Pounding hammer, pointed claw
Tear down the wall of lies
Whirring sander
Scream with grief
One long screw
Crack the grout,
I will love again
Box of ceramic tile
I will smash square by square.

The foundation is cracking
From the tension
Take a deep breath—
Inhale the breeze
Blowing through
Gaping holes.

Anger has torn asunder
The house with so much potential
And so much unhappiness.


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