Forever a Love

Two years, ten months, twenty-three days. We were in love. We are in love. But you were the varisty football star and I was the band geek. It wouldn't have worked. Not when we were together. The high school ridicule would have shot down our relationship even more. Neither of us wanted it to end, but it needed to. I'm leaving in a few months. I'll be two thousand miles away. I will return for you. I am hopeful that I will get the chance to see you on my summer trips home and even more hopeful that the love that we still share but keep hidden will eventually return and blossom into what it once was. We've loved each other since second grade. Not a day has gone by that I haven't felt the spark you sent through me the first time you kissed me. No other boyfriend has come remotely close to giving me that feeling. You are the love of my life and even though you will never read this, I know you can feel me.


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