My reward was a gift of alcholism, abuse, hunger and lonely nights

I gave my ex seventeen years of my young life, three beautiful children, always waited for him to come through the door and worked very hard to give him a nice clean home. My reward was a gift of alcoholism, abuse, hunger and lonely nights unless he wanted sex. I never felt that we made love. It was always too one sided. He came home to get clean clothes and give me orders. He barely patted the children on the head, let alone picked then up, hugged or bathed and put them to bed with a good night story. He was too busy running with the guys.

When he made money he felt it was his and I didn't dare to ask for any if I knew what was good for me. We didn't even have a joint checking account. If the children got sick, that was too bad. I must have done something to cause it, probably neglect.
When he had affairs, I knew to bite my tongue. I had felt the wrath of this man before. Years rolled by and little improved. I decided to better myself and get a job when the children were in school. I was accused of trying to get away from him and he wouldn't allow it. I was his and I would do as he wished or he'd make me wish I had. After all I was a stupid woman, and no one would want to hire me. Who was I kidding? He should know, I stayed with him didn't I?

When I finally was able to get away from him, he kidnapped our youngest child and it took me two months to find and kidnap her back. Much to his surprise. Then he called from out of state and threatened my life. I fought him tooth and nail. I
started a career in which I worked for many years.
Two of the children graduated and the youngest was doing okay in school. We all had scars from living with him. But tried to go on and make a new life for ourselves despite him.

I wasn't looking for anyone when my second husband arrived into my life. After a couple of years of working together and becoming good friends he asked me to marry him. That was the smartest thing I ever did. He's made up for everything I had to endure with my ex. (The Bastard).

So all of you that suffered with an ex there is hope. Not everyone is cut from the same cloth.


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