The Squirrel

I was 4 years old in the summertime

I was four years old in the summertime in Atlantic City. That's when I met Lucy Squirrel. I picked her up on the beach and we were in love. Our parents lived in the same apartment building on Ohio Avenue (check your Monopoly board) for the summer. We played and splashed and ran and giggled and laughed all summer and our parents were delighted. When the summer ended there was a hole in my life. I couldn't wait for next summer to see Lucy again.

When our car approached the apartment building on Ohio Avenue I actually trembled with excitement. And there she was, waiting for me in the lobby! What a glorious summer that was. I'm 73 now but I still remember.

When I was 35 I happened to be walking down Ohio Avenue and passed the apartment building. Something made me go in and check the names on the wall. I was amazed to find that Lucy Squirrel lived in C6!! I buzzed and she buzzed me in. I went to her apartment only to find a sweet old black woman with the same unusual name. I told her my story, we had coffee and I left. There were tears in my eyes all day.


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