Actions speak better than words.

I also hope pidgins poop on his head.

I don't want to go into the 11 months I wasted, the endless nights he made me cry, the night he stood me up at homecoming.
You can get the idea, he was, frankly, a word I'd rather not put in here.
And the last thing I told him, was I finally let go, and because he was so horrible to me, I was able to move on and get my self esteem back.
So I thank him. Every day, realizing life gets better every day I can move away from that time I was with him.
I hope he grows up one day.
I also hope pidgins poop on his head.
My dog, one I am eternally grateful to, peed all over him the last time he came over before I completely disconnected any contact from him.
And now I realize, my dog knew actions spoke better then words.
From then on, I find more humor then regret when I look back.


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