My ex...

we first met and became friends, and then it became more.

we were together for about 5 minutes then he broke up with me (a bit bi polar dont you think?)

and then like a month later we got back together only cuz he confessed his love for me, we were together for a day (does he know how to use the word love?) and then he broke up with me because he didnt want to date a 13 year old (he's 16) and so i said, you should've said that before you said you loved me and broke my heart for the second time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but now i think i might like him again, a few weeks ago i totally told him how i felt even though i knew he had a girl friend that he wanted to be with forever (lets see how that works out) and so i thought: better now than never. my text confessing my love to him was 3 pages long, his reply: k.

only one word......... one letter................



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