Ex is finally getting his much deserved Karma

karma... aint it a b*tch?

I met this guy through circumstances left unsaid. But in the beginning I told myself that this was probably going to blow up in my face, but you get side tracked by the flirting, the calls, the cuddling...

I really connected with him. He brought up the idea of marriage, and moving into his place while he held me in my car... writting our names in hearts on the window.

Can you believe the moment I fell for him was when he asked to hold eachother in my car and I fell asleep in his arms. I could feel him kiss me on the forehead and stroke my hair....

Fast forward to my apology dinner after my friend demolished him infront of me interrigating him over his feelings for me and all the things he shouldn't be doing. I take him to his favourite resturant and head to his place later.

This man asks me to choose a flick for us to watch and get into the mood... as I get up to put the dvd in, from the corner of my eye is an open condom wrapper.

Need I remind the reader(s) we never had sex. I was a virgin.

So the truth comes out, he tell me the night of his friends going away party, he starts drinking and his friends good friend 'takes advantage of him' and sleeps with him. I'm no idiot. You couldn't be that drunk to remember to put on a condom. All the while he tells me while keeping his eyes fixed on his computer screen.

I should have broke up with him the first time for good... but his threats of suicide got me worried. So we tried it again and thing were better than before. Waking up to each other and day after day spent together. And out of no where he became distant and things would show up at his place like an earring, or bobby pin and perfume scents.

I had enough. I tried to call him but he wasn't responding for weeks. So I did what any other fed up pissed off girlfriend would do. Break up with him through email. While he was at work.

When I let him go... life was good! I got a new job, was happier and felt whole. Than this dumbass called me last week to tell me his immigration status has been denied and he is being sent back home. He was trying the same thing he always did when he f*cked up... trying to get me to show i still cared so he knew we were still good. But this time he wanted to see if I would take him back. Wrong!

I thought we should talk and clear the air on some things left unsaid. Tell me how this man agreed to meet up with me, and never showed up.

All is well though... because he never showed up, I bumped into my tall dark and handsome motorcycle driving cute co-worker who asked me on a date that night.

So... in the end, I upgraded to a better looking man,and he is getting deported next month and kicked out of his favourite city, and apartment.

Karma... ain't it a b*tch?


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