Bro's before hoe's!

It's love, friendship goes out the window for love.

I pretty much dicked over my best friend, Kassim, for his ex-gf. During my first year at university, my best friend introduced me to his then girlfriend. We became good friends, as much we sort of had to, friendship by association. They broke up at some point, but she kept on calling me, and we kept our "friendship" going, but without his really being aware. We kept up the phone calls, the chatting, the meeting up for "coffee", all under the pretense of friendship even though we both sort of saw where things were headed. Then one day it went from good friends, to best friends, to girlfriend. I remember the exact moment I lied to Kassim about Jenn and the shift from friendship into something more with Jenn. Jenn and I were talking on the phone, one of many conversations we had recently started to have on a regular basis. She puts me on hold because someone else is on the other line. Eventually comes back, then all of a sudden my line clicks, and I go over, it's Kassim on the other end, he asks me what I'm up to? "Oh, just talking to Jenn." At this point, he sort of knew that we kept in touch on a semi-regular basis, but not nearly as much as we had really been. "Really, you're talking to Jenn, I just called and she said she was on the phone with her mom." "Oh, well, she must have just hung up, Because I just called." I am not sure why he wanted to believe that lie, which it obviously was, but believe it he did. We dated for about a year before he found out. How we managed to keep up the lie for that long without his realizing it, not sure, but we did. I guess what I learned from this is that the whole Bros before Hoes, that only goes so far. Call me an asshole for screwing over my best friend for a girl, but that relationship lasted a good 2 years, and I made the choice. Eventually when he did find out, our friendship ended quite abruptly. I can't say that I blame him. We live by the choices we make, and sometimes that means screwing over your best friend. It's love, friendship goes out the window for love.


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