For all women married to an abusive man

There is a way out.
Let me start off today, by telling you that there is a way out of the abuse that you are living in,and i am living proof of it.
I was in a marriage of 18 years, that progressed to such a horrible situation, and living conditions.
I was married to a drug addict, and an alcoholic, that physically, mentally, and verbally abused me in just about every way that you can mention possible.
I had food thrown at me, been hit, screamed at and called every name in the book, and embarrased in front of friends and neighbors, and my own family.
But i had a child with this man, which made the thought of leaving alot harder for me . I was raised to believe that a marriage should stay together , no matter what the cost, and that you should always try to work things out. But it was hard to work out , when the other spouse didnt work, didnt keep a job, wouldnt even try to look, or to even try to help out. Every morning when i would be getting ready for work, i would get scowled at, while he laid in bed and tried to sleep off his hangover ever morning, and when i came home from work, i was always afraid of what i was coming home too, which consisted of him almost always being drunk 7 days out of 7 days a week, and it was horrible. The physical violence was horrible, remembering one night, when he was on crack cocaine, and drinking, and brought home a bunch of drug addicts into my house, and when i told him that I wanted them to leave, he proceeded to tell me that i needed to go to my room, like I was a 12 year old child, at the age of 39. When i stood firm, he slapped me so hard across the face, that my jawline to this day, leans a bit,and i have skeletal issues. My daughter, when she got old enough to go to her friends house , hardly ever came home after school, only to check in and out with me which , was good for her to be able to get out of the situation, but in all reality, left me smack dab in the middle of it, not ever really being able to get away from him.
I was embarrased by my situation, not really wanting to ever involve friends, or my family,and thought that i didnt have a way out of it.
Well, i was wrong, and yes, there is always a way out of that situation.
The same year, i had several good things happen to me. I met a fantastic group of friends , that actually cared about me,and encouraged me to get out of that relationship, and i also met a wonderful man, that opened my eyes, and showed me that the way i was living, was no way to live at all.
That same year, everything that i had grown up learning and believing about the sanctity of marriage fell to pieces when my parents divorced after 40 years, and i had a slap in the face, when i had learned from my mom that my dad had cheated on her,and been with hookers, and wasnt giving her any money, and spending it on someone else. I had to sit back,and think about things even harder, when i learned i had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix from an STD that my ex husband had given me previously,and i had to have surgery to have them removed.
For two awful months, i was a wreck, almost bleeding to death, and an emotional wreck, even after leaving my husband, him still tormenting me as much as he possibly could have, when Robert stepped in, literally taking care of me,and saving my soul. I learned, that there are good men out there, that are nothing like the piece of crap i married, and that my mother cared about me as well, and i lived with her, for a while, before moving in with Robert, during the divorce proceedings.

Today, my child bounces back and forth between the two of us still,but she is 17, and an adut, and i let her make her own decisions, albeit with a small bit of guidance, and i have the freedom to come and go as I please, even still being with Robert, despite his issues as well, as we speak.
Please, please, if you find yourself living in a horrible environment,know that there are ways out of it. Even if you dont have family , or friends to turn to, there are groups out there that care about you, and that can help you to get on your feet,and i encourage you all to take that step,and get yourselves out of a bad situation, that can only turn worse, if you allow it too.
And remember, that God never gives us more than he thinks that we cannot handle.


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