Who does that???

seriously, WHO DOES THAT???

He and I were very happy (or so I thought)... until his birthday last March. We had gotten in a fight over his ex-girlfriend from Wisconsin still sending him gifts, love letters and pathetic cards saying how much she missed him over a year after we had started dating. From that point until the end of September we started to grow apart... we had stopped having sex for the most part but we were still inseparable, I just figured we were in a dry spell. (We actually had sex a total of 4 times in 6 months).

So, the shit hit the fan the last week in September. He, being from Wisconsin, is a huge Brewers fan, and when they made it to the playoffs he was thrilled. His mom had season tickets so they were guaranteed seats to one of the home games. Sunday night we had gone to the movies and I was at his apartment making dinner when we were talking about the possible game and that my cousins wedding in NJ that weekend was possibly going to cause a snag in his wanting to go to the game, we also talked about our relationship and when we would be getting engaged. He seemed to understand that we had already committed to the wedding and seeing my entire family so that was that. If it came down to it, we were going to the wedding... and he told me that I would definitely have a ring on my finger before my 30th birthday.

Well, Monday came and he picked me up for lunch... as we were getting ready to leave his apartment to take me back to work... he decided to drop this on me... "What would you think if I skipped out on the wedding to go to Milwaukee?" And my obvious response was... "That it was totally unacceptable" So, I got mad and started crying, to which he tried to consol me and tell me to calm down. I was officially completely pissed off, and when we got back to my office I told him that he needed to decide what he was going to do and let me know because I had to let my cousin know if he was coming to the wedding or not.

So, I was staying at his place that whole week while work was being done on my apartment, I went there that night after work and he didn’t come home. I got a text at about 10 saying he was at his friend’s house and was too drunk to drive home so he would see me in the morning. So, I went to bed... When he came home at 6am, he didn’t say a word. He got in the shower got dressed and came over to kiss me goodbye. I turned away from him when he did and asked if he had made his decision. He said he was going to the game and I flipped out. I told him that I couldn’t believe he was doing this, and that I honestly thought right then and there that he didn’t care at all what was important to me. This was all about him. He told me that wasn't true and he did care about me and what I wanted and I told him to prove it. His response was... "I have to go to work" and he walked out the door. That was the last conversation we ever had. I was so upset I sent his best friend a text message asking him to talk to him before he ruins our relationship, but never got a response; I assume he contacted him, but I will never know.

He sent me a text message at 10 minutes to 5 that night telling me he didn’t want to see me and to not come over. He went to the game in Milwaukee; I went to the wedding with my whole family... and had to explain why he wasn’t there. I tried contacting him that whole week and still hadn’t heard anything back by the end of the weekend. I emailed him on Sunday and told him that if he didn’t want to talk to me I would be by to get my stuff from his apartment Monday after work. When he responded he told me that he would have someone let me in because he had changed the locks. When I got there... all evidence of our relationship was gone. I got my stuff and left in one trip, with one last huge cry as I walked out the door.

I have only had one email from him since then and that was 2 months later after he found out that his cousin and I are friends on facebook and I had emailed him asking to meet just to talk about what happened. With no intentions of healing things or getting back together, I just needed to know. He sent me an email saying that he had "moved on and was happy now" and that he would appreciate it if I never contacted him or his family ever again. Apparently, he wasn’t happy with me… go figure. Now that I look back on it, I don’t think I was happy either.

Needless to say, after 2 years of life with him I was crushed and completely confused. I am fairly sure he was cheating on me for at least the last 6 months of our relationship... and although we had talked a lot about when we would get married, I am 95% sure he never planned on asking me. It took me a while, but it’s been 6 months and things are feeling much better.

I hope I am not the only adult who has been broken up by being give the silent treatment after 2 years together… seriously, WHO DOES THAT???


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