Horrible Hygeine

he stopped brushing his teeth

I was married for 8 years if you want to count the last year while waiting for our divorce to be final. The last few years really were hell. When asked how I feel now, I don't have to lie and say... happy! I am happy! During the time that I was with my husband, he stopped brushing his teeth. Talk about disgusting. He did not just stop for a few days, I am talking about 2-3 years off and on with me begging and pleading every morning. I would wake up when he went to work and remind him to brush his teeth. He would say ok, and turn the water on in the bathroom and just let it run so I would think he was brushing his teeth. Now I don't know what someone else would call it, but I call it horribly lazy. I would not let him kiss me on my cheek, hand or anywhere. I found myself being less and less attracted to him, and am at the point now to where he is just utterly disgusting to me. When I finally left him (about 1 year ago) I had not been kissed in hmm... lets see... 3 years. I would beg him to just brush his teeth. That was not the biggest offender though. He lies like there is no tomorrow. About stuff that really does not matter. For instance taking the trash out, when it is sitting right in front of me, and stupid shit like that. He is such a disgusting pig, I am embarassed that I actually married him. However, I got the best part of him. My two children, and yes... they brush their teeth twice a day.


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