He whispered “I love you”. I thought he was drunk . I didn’t say anything.

My boyfriend kissed me at midnight on New Year ’s Eve. We were standing on the roof of the local drug store. A friend and I had found our way up there when I was kid and I would go there when I was feeling down. It was my safe place. At sixteen I didn’t think I needed a safe place. I had him.
On New Year’s my best friend and I took a few beers from my parent’s fridge and met my boyfriend and some of his friends at CVS. I took them up to the roof to celebrate.
I never like the taste of beer, so they drank most of it.
One of his friends had set there watch to alarm to for midnight. When it rang he kissed me. When he pulled away, He whispered
“I love you”.
I thought he was drunk . I didn’t say anything.
He kissed me again and then he went behind one of the large chimneys to pee. Two weeks later he dumped me.
This is the part when I should say I never go up to that roof anymore, but now, at seventeen, I know better. I know I will probably always need a safe place, and no matter where it is, if I still want ite no one can take it from me.


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