No one warned me about him

No one warned me about him

It sounds cliche' but when he walked in the door that first day and gave me the look it really was like no one else existed. No one warned me about him. About all the lies and damage he would do to my life, and really to me.
He began to make sure that he was always where I was a slowly but surely worked his way in. It started with calls to out work when he wasn't there. Then he told me he had broken up with his current girlfriend.
Then came the first hit. A co-worker of mine admitted to me she had blown one of our managers. I knew without her even saying it that it was him. It was too late I was already too tied up in his bullshit to see straight. I tried to convince myself "it was before me, it has nothing to do with me".
The second strike came from yet another co-worker who told me they had been seeing each other until I started working there. He had filled her head with empty promises of their life together in the future. All those promises vanished the moment I walked in the door and she didn't exist anymore.
Despite all this I continued to see him in love with what I could never really get my hands on. Maybe I should have known when I finally admitted to him I loved him and got the response "what's wrong with that?". I wouldn't want the reader to think that I hung around with no hope. He did infact tell me he loved me awhile after that. Which was soon followed by an entirely new hell.
The entire time we were supposedly together you see he constantly accused me of cheating. I was always seeing someone or lying about something and no matter how hard I fought him I could never win. Then one night came the phone call. He was supposedly going to dinner with his family. His voice sounded strange and far away begging me to come over, he needed me. What else could I do but get in my car and go. I arrived there and walked in the door. I knew shit was about to hit the fan when I noticed the coach purse sitting on the hallway table. The door flew open and there she stood wild eyed, with her tear stained face. The girlfriend he had never really broken up with. At exactally the same time I realized I was the other woman and always had been. All I could manage to say was "I'm sorry I didn't know". Her friends grabbed her as she went to hit me. I remember standing there in the darkness when he came down the stairs asking "what's going on here?" I walked out of the darkness as she lunged for him and hit him repeatedly in the face.
Some time went by but he managed to make sure he was never really out of my life. He said he had made a huge mistake and wanted another chance. Without much fight I gave it to him. For awhile things were good. His stepmother told me how thankful he was that I had given him a second chance. Then as always things changed and started to return to the way it was. He couldn't be reached on his phone. Then he was supposed to move out of his home into another place. Suddenly he coudn't be reached at all. I received a letter written on cardboard about how he was having a tough time with some health issues and didn't want me to be involved.
Then just as before everything collapsed. My friend texted me to tell me that he was once again with the same girlfriend he was with before. I showed up at his work and asked him. Even then he lied to my face he knew everything that was happening but he still claimed it was all a lie. By the end of the night he was calling my cell phone, I was calling his work, she was calling his cell phone, she was calling his work.
Even now he won't leave my life no matter what I do. I have managed to threaten, beg, bargain, to no avail. I still think to myself, maybe if someone would have just warned me in the beginning maybe my heart and my sanity could have been spared.


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