Married too young

...too young to know that we were too young...

We met in college and dated for a few months, then moved in together just before graduation. We got married a year later, and surprised our folks at Christmas with framed copies of the marriage license, so they'd know we were no longer "living in sin".

After four years, we divorced. Although it was very difficult to do, it was for the best. We had nothing in common and were too young to know that we were too young to be in a relationship, let alone be married.

Five years later, he called me, to apologize for having been a bastard. I was happy to hear those words...I blamed him for not trying hard enough to make it work. I needed to hear the apology. But, what I couldn't tell him at the time was that I regretted not ending it sooner. There was no one at fault and there was no need for blame or apology.

What I couldn't know at age 22 was that I'd be a different person at age 27, with different perspectives, attitudes and needs. And he changed as well. We were just too young and didn't know how to end the relationship without heartbreak.


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