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My True Life Story includes my soon to be ex husband whom after knowing him for 20 yrs. and married for 15 yrs. tried to kill me by slowly drugging me. One night I woke up to find him blowing smoke in my face after pushing my hair in my face! I was already sick and the dr. gave me something for a severe virus and I was combating hypothyroidism. He took pics. of me w/cell camera and I remember begging him to stop! I couldn't help myself I was so weak. The last thing I remember is laying on the floor trying to get to the phone which he convenietly removed. I laid there for 2 days until my Mom came by when she couldn't reach me by phone and found me next to dead. She spoon fed me and rehydrated me and that's when I found out "To get even with me" my soon to ex took our children out of our home and moved them into his parents home. He also via an association with a law clerk at our corrupt justice system, had been able to get temp. custody of our kids based on those pictures he took. He told the law clerk that I was "high". In fact the opposite is true my soon to be ex just got out of ANOTHER rehab to combat his heroin/crack cocaine problem which he has been unable to "kick". I stayed like the dutiful wife in support of him never realizing the signs he had been displaying all along were those traits of a SOCIOPATH! When I read the list of "symptoms" i felt a chill run down my spine. I couldn't understand how someone with a record like my soon to be ex, drunk driving, loss of license, domestic violence in front of my kids, and the inability to hold down a job, gets temp. custody in the first place. When I investigated these relationships I found that in everyone had some association the his wealthy family. I witnessed his father tossing cash in a police cruiser yet I was told by internal affairs that it was "probably coupons"! The local government (Police dept. and mayor) are all apart of the same association that my father in law is apart of. When I exposed this to the courts my home/car got broken into and once had to run and hide for my life when while I was asleep I heard an intruder come into my home. My father in-law has "associations" with some undesirable people via the NYC Unions. When that intruder couldn't find me as I hid well and for a long time, and once I was sure he was gone I found a wire shaped like a noose by my bed. The local police and detectives were of no help. They wrote police reports completely wrong and in favor to my soon to be ex. I've kept copies of everything including an incident were they falsely wrote a check out during a house closing (and at that point I trusted them) for "repayment of loan". If this were a true repayment of loan it should have gone to Prudential. I am positive that the $12,000 went right into my ex's hand. This fact I've just uncovered. My mother/brother have been harrassed by the police and have been followed just to create a reason to stop them. I have been threatened and when I registered my brother's motorcycle for him in my name he missed a toll for .70 cents which created a "warrant for my arrest". I never received this so when I went to retrieve my kids, my little girl came running to me "telling me to "RUN OUT THE BACK DOOR MOMMY!" my father in-law calls the police on me for some reason. I put my daughter down and then got arrested for that .70cent warrant! My in-laws are extremely dysfunctional and sick and want a do over with my kids. My children have been begging to come home but my in-laws tell them no. I've gone to court several times but because of that associated law clerk I've not been able to speak to the judge.

I would like to get my story out there to help other girls/women recognize the early signs of a SOCIOPATH so that they don't fall victim to them. My soon to be ex doesn't seem to have any feeling and doesn't seem to care about how our kids feel. He does things purely to "get even" and thats sick. He is using our children as pawns and tools and is emotionally abusing me with them. He has called our daughter names and she had told the state worker, (brought in by my father in-law) and the said that those were little "Nick Names"! (A.hole, S.head, S.Face.Bitch). I wished I would have asked someone for help years ago when I tried to break up with him he stalked me and hid in his car watching me. I got so afraid I stayed with my parents...I was to embarrased to ask for help...In retrospect I should have..


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