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hoodwinked heart

My ex or as most of us say "ugh, that mistake" is one of those people that rooted his self a spot in my memory. In the beginning of "The End" I was hurt, confused, sad and hateful. I eventually grew to love him in a deeper way for even as an ex he was one of the most influential people in my life. He was not only a lover, and hater but he was one of my "life's" teachers. He made me strong and when I was down he showed me how strong I was on my own. He has now become my idealistic "life's" brother. His name is Rocky, funny how I dubbed him Bartlebee from the Jay and Silent Bob movie and inner strength is a most symbolic relation to the memoty I have for him. He was the only person who ever took the time out of whatever he was doing to stop and pointedly chastise me for what I hadn't done right. He was amazingly intelligent and showed me how to grow from all the wrongs I felt by those I allowed into my life. He allowed me to hurt and when it was too much he gently took away my pain and shed a tear in vain. He is truly sovereign in the matter of LOVE. He is like the rare WhiteTiger and yet daily taken for granted. I hope that someday everyone will have an ex- anything that they can part from in a way that is not saddenning. If I could pick him out a wife to start a family I dont think there ever will be a "Ms. Worthington" not even a pending patent. I hope this finds its way into his reading as I am sure someday validation he will be needing. I have and will evermore appreciate the stomps on my heart but even better the colorful Batman and Robin bandages he ever so unknowingly placed inside so as to make sure nothing could ever break it apart.


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