We were young. We were head over heals for each other. And the eight months we spent together, which doesn't seem like a long time but to me is quite the accomplishment, seemed to fly by. Everything was perfect. We were always happy. We were always excited to see each other. I lived an hour away. He was always charming and smooth. Knew just what to say in any given situation to make my heart melt a little. I was suddenly a believer of love. I felt good. I felt like new. I felt like I could do anything for him. Which seems ridiculous now looking back. We started spending a lot of time with our friends. He seemed to dislike my best friend of the time. He started wanting to spend less time with me. I was confused. Hurt. Baffled. After not talking for two weeks I finally asked what it was that I did wrong. He simply said "You didn't do anything wrong." This made no sense. I continued to pry for a few days. Finally he said, and these were his exact words after eight months of spending every moment he had with me, "How can I possibly date someone who's blatantly not Christian." I was broken and torn up inside. This felt worse than not knowing to begin with. I attempted to erase him from my mind and my life. But he'd always pop up in the most unexpected places of my mind. Tyler Johnson is the reason I gave up on love. Tyler Johnson is the reason I'm so cold and bitter. Tyler Johnson is the boy that broke my heart, and I was never able to put it back together just right.


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