A knife in the back

I should have paid more attention, more attention to myself. In the process of trying to show my "love" to her I forgot about my own well being. I forgot that I am a person too. I can't even begin to guess why I endured the hell she put me though, even after she betrayed me. I thought we were doing so well, I felt absolutely great while we were together. Then you left me for HIM. I accepted it at first, I was a little hurt but that was okay, because you were "happy". Though I still don't get how you could be with him knowing all of the rumors about him hitting women. Why were you so surprised when he hit you? Why did you feel okay coming to me to get you out of it? I go to fight him and he kicks my ass, but then leaves you alone so I feel it was worth it. Then you get back with him!? Again he hits you and you come back to me for help. I go to fight him and this time he had eleven of his friends with him. They beat me down and stomped the shit out of me. And what did you do, when you opened your door to see me covered in marks, cuts, and blood dripping from my face, barely even able to stand? You give me a half-assed thank you and offer me a glass of water. Not even a whole week later you are back with him. I just literally got beat half to death for you, to get him away from you, and you crawl back to him. And now again you come to me for help, and I made the mistake of helping you yet another time. But this time he is by himself and I get to kick his ass. And not surprisingly, about a month later you are back with him. He hits you and come back to me for help. No not this time...FUCK you! I bled for you too many times. At this point you kind of deserve the pain that he is causing you. It is your turn to burn. I thought what you and me had before him was something special, or "significant". But no, I met someone else, and she has made me happier than I have ever been in my whole entire life. All of my problems go away when I'm with her. She can find it in her to love my worthlessness, to love me for who I am. Seeing me happy makes her happy unlike you. I had to bleed for you to even notice me. My heart and body are both broken because of you. Have fun with him, I hope you both rot.


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