When we met from Twitter

He was perfect for every guy but me

I should have known you were trouble from the first time we talked over the computer. Didn't think much of it cause then we stopped talking and then one day I got a phone call you was around. Every since October 22, 2012 we were all unseparable. You, me and your twin brother. I liked you and you thought you liked me, but you also liked him. First sleep over December 19, 2012 never forget the day I layed in bed with the opposite sex for the first time and didn't do nothing, but just talked through the night. December 24, 2012 the day you told me you didn't feel the connect. February 28, 2012 the day he broke your heart and I ran over at 1 in the morning with pancakes from Ihop, your favorite movie and listened to you cry all night. March 29,2012 you said you were over him, and I'm glad. March 30,2012 I'm glad your still my friend and were closer than ever.


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