Last Call

I guess you can say I knew it was over when I borrowed his leather jacket and found the court documents in his pocket. He neglected to tell me that he and his buddies decided to drink too many tequila shots at the bar and then ransack someone's trailer. The paper went on to explain the damages done,the upcoming court date, the felony charge of breaking and entering. I and he devastated by a night of "fun with the guys," All I could think about was that this would be my life. After four years of true love and pleading, I could not go forward. I had to be strong. Looking back it was one of the hardest choices I have ever made. Many years later I ran into a friend who told me you were working at a local liquor store. . .fitting career choice for a super smart drunk with a rhetoric degree. I drove by that store six times without ever walking in to see you. You did look me up many years later. I agreed to meet you at a coffee place near the store. Yes still working at the liquor store. You looked so broken. You looked so swollen. You were wearing that flipping jacket. . I knew the that I had made the right choice.


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