Her Marriage only lasted 2 Months

Cute but not Innocent

This girl was so scared of marrying a responsible man that was serving his country in the Air Force. After she found out she was going to Japan with him she wasn't sure about her decision to marry him. After thinking she decided to marry him, but here's the real kick of the story. While she was planning the wedding she was also getting to close to this one guy just trying to be her support through the wedding. She decides to pro-sue him before and even after she marries him, and it progresses on even further. Well the time comes to leave her new lover and be with her husband all the way in Mississippi. She has to part ways from her new lover for a while.
After driving for a week over there she decides to say latter to him and drive all the way back to CA to be with her new lover in Fresno. Well the months go by and after the divorce is finalized, Ashley gets a message from her ex husband's new wife!!! Crazy I know. She demands that she changes her last name back to what it belongs to on facebook. Ashley was so scared of what people would think and was so ashamed she even kept her new lover away in secrecy from even her new friends. That made him feel real good and special her showing how embarrassed she was even over him after she left her husband for him. She now flips out on the guy she cheated on her husband with and stresses him out to the point where can’t even focus on life. Come to find out by him that Ashley is even on medication for her manic depression issues.
To end this very sad story, she then goes behind the guy she cheated on her husband with, and once again cheats on him.
Watch out all you Swiggs and Red Wave Inn Locals of Fresno/Clovis locals this Girls HAS SERIOUS ISSUES!!!!
If you ever want to change the lands up on her, she might just think of her ex husband Ryan, while performing that!


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