bad luck with first boyfriend

i was still a kid when i had my first boyfriend. worst boyfriend i've ever had. he had blond hair and blue eyes. i had short hair at the time. we had been going out for a year and a half. in the middle of the school year, a new girl with beautiful dark skin (not black, but darkish, like she had a built in tan) and long black hair transfered in. she acted so sweet and innocent. she pretending to hate her beautiful skin color. she was nice to me and we became best friends (my best friend was at another school) i didn't know it at the time but, it was just to get close to him. a week later, i was walking down the sidewalk (it was an outside school) and then i saw them. holding hands and walking down the side walk with their backs turned to me. i dropped my bag in shock and sadness. they heard, and turned around, and came over to me. "i'm glad you're here at such a good time." he said to me. "i've decided that we need to break up. i want to date _____ now." i was shocked. but finally, i manged to squeak, "w-why?" he rolled his eyes at me. "i can play with her hair." they walked away. i sunk to my knees, weeping. that same year, another awful thing happened: i failed. i had to stay back a grade.
whenever i saw them pass, i started to cry. then,
when i got home from school on the very last day,
my parents told me we were moving to another state. all my friends (a few guys and a few girls)
came to see me off the day the plane left. he didn't come. i fell asleep on the plane. he was in my dreams. the dreams showed me crying while they were kissing, and then i got up and walked away
with confidence. my parents woke me up when the plane landed. suddenly, i had the confidence that i'd had in my dream. i decided to grow my hair out. just before i went to sleep in the apartment, i made a vow that one day, i'd go back and kick his ass. and now, six years after i made that vow,i hate him and intend on finding him, and fulfilling the vow i made that night. he will regret all the pain he put me through for those two long years.


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