My Army Guy

Then, you traded me in for the army.

You were the love of my life. You were the reason I live and breathe. Without you, I was nothing. I made sure you knew that I was madly in love with you. Then, you traded me in for the army.

That moment came in my life when I was certain that we were meant to be. You didn't have to come over and visit me, but you did. You came over and hugged me. You held me. You caressed and kissed me. I felt wanted. I, for once, thought that I was loved.

We started the day off nice and simple. A good morning call and a reminder that you would be over later. I dawned a smile at the thought of you and I alone in a room. I quickly got dressed and "prepared" for your arrival.

Once here, we took to the family room and shared a movie. Everyone knows that I'm afraid of horror movies, but it was the perfect opportunity to nestle in your arms. You held me so close and even covered my eyes during the scary parts. You knew me so well. I could barely even watch the movie because I was taken by your scent and just the presence of you.

I wanted to kiss you passionately as I lie in your arms. The fire burned within me. I longed for your touch. I wanted you to finally make me yours. This moment, proved that I deserved to be in your world. You still thought otherwise.

After the movie, we decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood. I bet the old couples envied our relationship and were thinking, "Aww, look at the two lovebirds!" It felt so nice to have your hand in mine. The kisses we snuck in between sentences were splendid. The many stares that we got as we passed through just proved that we were the greatest power couple never to be together. It was a bittersweet harmonic symphony.

I loved to bask in the moment of us and our happiness. You just had to ruin it. After about 6 six hours of spending time glaring into each other's eyes, you warned me that you had to leave. What I didn't know was that you meant forever. You were leaving for the army in a few days and this was our last meeting. You failed to tell me ahead of time because you thought that I would be sad, which was true.

"I'm leaving, but I'll come through to see you before I go off." You came out of the blue with the statement. "Where are you going?" I asked. In the instance that you replied, "The army," I felt the tears begin to flow. I could only hold my head down in fear; fear of what our future would hold, and anger; anger from the thought of you holding in this secret, and sadness; sadness could not even explain the unbearable feeling inside of me.

Six whole hours together (Yes, I counted.) just so that you could say you were leaving me. I dared not to lift my head as these feelings passed through. They hurt my soul. They went right to the core of my heart and killed it.

"What's wrong?", you asked. It was obvious that I cared and you didn't even notice. "Talk to me." "No, don't cry." "Stop crying, please." "Look at me." You continually nagged me to stop crying. "I hate to see you sad."

"Then, why are you leaving me?!?" I shouted through my tears.

"I have to do what I have to do." you replied. That was the worst excuse ever. You kept begging and pleading me to stop but it didn't help the cause one bit. "C'mon, look at me," I decided to abide and sneak a peak at you through my tear-filled eyes. You kissed my forhead, my cheeks, each side of my mouth, my ears, my hands, and then my lips and softly spoke, "I am forever yours."

I wept more and more. I couldn't bare the thought of losing you to any war. I loved my country, but I loved you more. I was in love with you. You were my life. You were my heart and my soul. All that I did was for you and the sake of us.

Thrice have I professed my loved for you. Each time did I ask you to change your mind and stay. I wanted you by my side each waking day. I needed you in my life. I asked that I hear your sweet voice on the other line of my phone as I fall asleep each night and then again when I wake in the morning. You solemnly swore to forever be mine. Then, you traded me in for the army.


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