You Can Call and Ask a Question

The phone had been ringing at all hours of the day—morning, noon, night, four a.m. At first, the other end would hang up. The Caller ID was blocked but I had a feeling it was she, the one I used to love, and still love; the one that is not here with me and said she loved me too.
Next, the caller didn’t hang up but stayed on the phone and was silent.
Speak up, I said.
I could hear background noise—car horns, cars driving by; people giggling; TV shows—mostly game shows and reality shows.
She—the one I once loved and still do—liked to watch reality shows, especially the dating ones.
I started to hear breathing, usually when the calls came before the sun rose and a new day began.
Call all you want, I said.
Silence; breathing.
If you have a question, I said, ask.
Silence; breathing.
Ask, I said.
Breathing; silence.
The answer is yes, I said, and the other end hung up, softly.


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