Army Man..or Boy?

The army is not for the cowardly!

I had been dating this guy for about a year when he asked me to marry him. The next day he had to leave for Basic Training for the military. He only had to be gone 3 months. Well when he left everything was great it was like he was still home even tho he wasnt. Hed call me any time he could and write me letters almost everyday. Well it comes the last month before hes due to come home and everything just stops. No letters, No calls, no anything. The day he comes home i get a phone call from my bestfriend saying the asshole told her friend he broke up with me two months ago! News to my ears! so i call him to find out whats going on just to find out how much of an asshole he really is. The jerk did break up with me! He just niglected to even tell me! And when i tryed to ask him why he just said he "had time to think about the past". Surprise! Our past was great, we had our ups and downs but i thought we were in love. Boy was i wrong. And the army is sapose to make you more of a man...HA! what a load of bull! To this day i still have not spoken to the yellow bellyed coward who didnt even have the nerve to tell me to my face that it was over, not even by a letter, just ignored everything! But you know what.. it has made me alot stronger! I dont fall for bullshit anymore! I just live my life for me and ill never! EVER! Wait for another guy again! and if a guy doesnt put you first in his life than hes not the guy for you! Theres more fish in the sea, and im catchen them with nets! lol


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