An entire year of false accusations and arguing. Constant breaking up and getting back together. Screaming till i couldnt hear my words come out anymore.Being mad at me for things i couldn't control, or for doing something that you did to.Too many apologies, no lessons learned. constant disagreements and one too many scars added to my terribly cracked and wounded heart.Still wondering why your an EX and not current? They say that people with trust issues are usually the ones that cant be truseted, you were a perfect POINT PROVEN! They say that all secrets and lies hidden in the dark will come to the light, once again...POINT PROVEN. Sometimes i wonder how did i fall for someone like you and realize that im only human... face it we do DUMB THINGS. Giving you the oppurtunity to even get the title of "One Of My Exes" was one of the most FOOLISH things i've ever did. EX......Why? Because i was foolsh and made mistakes.....BUT i GREW UP !!! Unfortunatly, you havn't had the chance, found the time or just haven't learned how to do so.Thats why!
P.S: When you become an EX you no longer have the option of listing demands, telling me who not to date or talk to, or giving opinions and thoughts on my love life...........Especially WHEN YOU HAVE A NEW GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! IDIOT!


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