Whipped without a whip

I'm whipped, and we aren't even together.

I dated this girl for a year and a half. I was in love with her, and she was the one who took my virginity. Then she decided it would be best for our relationship if we went of a break. That night was the best, and worst, night I've ever had. We made out, and made love like never before, and like we never will again. It's been months, and I have yet to even talk to her about "us." All I have left are the memories from that last night. I still talk to her, I help her with her problems, and even helped her hook up with another guy she worked with. I'm whipped, and we aren't even together. Even with all the shit like that, that I've been put through because of her, I would still take her back in a heartbeat; or, trade half of my life span to re-live those precious moments with her.


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