Met with Ex 16 yrs after Divorce.

For As Long As We Both Shall Love

A single phone call that changed my life and Hollywood couldn't have written it any better. I was listening to the voice of my Ex husband as he asked if I would be willing to meet him for dinner. He had been thinking of me and felt as though he needed to talk to me. In his dreams I was looking for him. Sixteen years of searching for someone or something to put back the pieces of my shattered heart after divorce lead me to realize we all must take hold of our destiney, tightly enough to steer it in the right direction but loosely enough to accept what the Universe has in store. It was a long bumpy road that brought me to a place where I felt secure in my own skin and comfortable with all my imperfections. The time it took to get there was longer than I had hoped but satisfying nonetheless. I often thought how I wished he could see me now, strong, confident and happy. Just the way I had always wanted to be when with him. Many relationships had come and gone since then. It was the one piece of my puzzle still missing. Invisible ties to my past kept me from finding that elusive piece. "The Alchemist " was not wasted on me and on this day, my past revisited as if being summoned by my Universe. I agreed to meet my ex for dinner and it was the most beautiful four hours of my life. No amount of therapy could have brought me to where I was at that moment. Forgiveness asked for was granted and the tears that streamed down my face were many years over due. Across from me sat the love of my life and to me he was still my husband. Welcome home.


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