Treasons of Love

He’s like my addiction, a drug addicts fix.

Even after all he’s put me through I still can’t walk away. He’s like my addiction, a drug addicts fix. I’ve loved him for four years, why can’t I just forget him? Just cut him out of my life. It bothers me that I’m so attached, and that I can’t break away. We always say we’ll just be friends, but we don’t know how. We only know how to love each other, and when loving someone hurts so much it becomes a burden. So what’s my alternative? I love him but it hurts too much but it also hurts to leave. I’m in a lose-lose situation, and I seem to have no way out. My friends tell me to do what makes me happy, but both options hold pain. So what’s a girl in love to do? I can’t love him forever right?


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