I wasn't ready for the love of my life.

I wasn't ready for the love of my life. We met at University and she taught me about who I am and never let me getaway with anything. No self-pity, no half-baked ideas, no unquestioned beliefs. She kept me honest and she loved me for me and I let her go.

Why is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?

I have come to the belief that there is no one perfect person for everyone. Rather, there are lots of people with whom we can have a deep romantic connection.

I also think that I have convinced myself of this so I don't always feel so bad about leaving her behind.

I hurt her when I left and I know that. That just about did me in.

I think about her everyday. I would leave my current life behind to be with her again. In a heartbeat. I was sublimely happy and content with Sharon.

I am still in Love with her.



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