I Jumped Way Too Quick

This Second Marriage was the Most Expensive Mistake of my Life!

I had waited 10 years to get married this second time. What I failed to do was take my damn time. I met the parents of this second wife at my church. Within 3 months of receiving an email from her I was getting married. Way too Fast! The first time I told my relatives in Syracuse, NY they all laughed. I had not even told them I had met someone hence their laughter! I sure wish I could laugh now, but I am still going through this divorce after 12 months!

I basically became a Mealticket and Roommate to this woman! Three months ago she switched to working full time at her job as an LPN, and yet I still am paying "spousal support"! It is so disgusting I feel like I'm in a frickin' nightmare at times! The sad thing is that it could last another 11 months before its over. The really sad thing is that my mother died the day before my spousal support hearing! I didn't even get the chance to go to my own mother's funeral cause I could not afford to get there in NY living here in PA almost 6 hours away!

Two Weeks after we were married I was going to the store when I saw her smoking. Talk about betrayal: this B---- failed to tell me she was a smoker!!! I told her I did not want to marry anyone who smoked! How low can a woman go to marry a man by lying about such a crucial lifestyle trait that the man didn't want anything to do with in his life! I gained like 60 frickin' pounds in this 27 Month Marriage! Disgusting! I joined a gym on June 1st, and in this past month lost 2 inches off my waist! I've got more to lose, but what a confidence builder! I never miss a day to get to the gym first thing in the morning!

She had a small Jack Russell dog named Mattie. This female dog would not go near any man but myself: even her own intermediate family!! I have more photos of the dog than anyone else in the family! Her son comes up from Kentucky going through his second divorce for the last Year and 3 months of my Marriage. I had helped him get on his feet, and even Stupidly signed for a truck for him so he could use it to work with! What a miserable mistake this ended up being to me! When I left her on June 24th, 2011 I told him I wanted the truck back so I could give it back to the bank which auctioned it. I got stuck with the remainder of the loan: $11,000 dollars! I now owe around $9,000 dollars left.

I tried to offer her a cash settlement after this first year of $3,000 dollars. Two months later she replied No, but I'll take $9,800 dollars to dissolve this divorce! What a frickin' greedy B----! So, two months on May 1st I had my attorney send her a reply with a cash settlement offer of $4000 dollars for which she shouldn't get a stinkin' penny! Two months later, and I still am waiting for this bitch!
I not only paid her over $6,000 dollars in spousal support, left behind $6000 dollars in furniture, helped pay off back debt of hers; but she failed to give me 2 Afghan blankets that My Blessed Mother (who died last year in 2011) made for me as a teenager!! How low can someone go who says they're a Christian, and after all I did for her, her son and the rest of her family!

This son of hers (another Manipulator like her..they should both work for the CIA) even begged me to stay with her, and the whole family said I had treated her better than any man she had ever known. She was married 2 times before to men who she said were abusive!

So, what did I do: Treat her as any Gentleman would, Love her, Loved her Family and Dog and was better to her than anyone she had ever been with?! So, when I simply want her to sign the papers after first 90 days what does she do: get her parents to fork out money for her attorney!

This second marriage was the Most Expensive Mistake of my Life!! Her name is Kathy Lynn Misiura in case some guy ever reads this he can fully warned before hand that he would be making a HUGE Mistake! Any man wanting to get married should stay the frick away from this woman! Just run for the hills when you see her coming!

She and her family are a bunch of Psychotic Manipulators. They would be good for the CIA which needs folks like that for their occupations!
Also, her son's name is James T. Wike...another user! He was going through a second divorce with a woman in Kentucky, comes up here to Pa where his first ex wife lives in Williamsburg, Pa and leeches on to her. After about 9 months (and he had gotten engaged to this first ex) he ends up kicking her to the curb and starts dating another woman (who happens to have a child too)! What a lowlife! His 7 yr old daughter, Sage, doesn't want anything to do with him! I just pray her mother keeps her from him!

If someone had asked me with my first wife if I would have stepped in front of a train for her I would have said, "Yes, I would!" If someone asked me if I would have stepped in front of a train for the second wife I would have said, "Hell no!" and stepped aside watching the train kill her as it mangled the woman's body!" I've never hated anyone in my life, but I could definitely hate this bitch!" I can't wait till the day I am free! I'm going to party like it's 1999!LOL


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