never better lost

Straight girl; Me.
Lesbian girl; Her.
I fell in love ,
she loved another; away in iraq,
but slept with me while astray.
I gave her my heart.
She never loved me from the start.
I did all that I could,
but it wasnt good enough.
I couldnt take care of her,
I couldnt buy her the world.
She left.
Boot camp.
I dated another.
She slept with her bunkmate.
Kept in touch.
Came back and fucked me again.
Screwed up my relationships,
Broke my heart to pieces.
She wanted to sneak and cheat.
I just wanted her.
She just liked the fun
but I was serious,
she decided to run.
So she found another,
that can buy her the world.
The girl she never sleeps with,
who doesnt turn her on.
She calls me and expects my love.
This girl who threw me away.
Flirts and plays games.
She will never be true.
To anyone.
She loves herself more than you.


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