You left exit wounds

I yelled at him. I finally yelled at him.

He was my best friend. It was weird. We barely saw each other, yet I told him more than people who I see every day and trust with my life. Then it happened. He did the unthinkable. Not even a week into our relationship, he committed a crime that tore us apart. It wasn't violent, no, but the emotional scars from it will never go away. I tried to understand. I tried to believe he did it because of the addiction. A year past and we didn't speak, and not a day went by that I didn't wonder why. Finally, he admitted to me that he regretted what he did, and that he was the one who in fact did it. I knew he did it, he just never admitted it to me. I started to speak with him again, thinking he was a changed man. I was wrong. Six months went by after his second big lie, and I finally got him on the phone. He wouldn't admit he lied, he acted like I was the wrong who did wrong, speaking crazy. I yelled at him. I finally yelled at him. I let all my emotions out. It's over forever.


Heem08 says,

You did the right thing, and I hope he gets the help he needs.

_Miracle says,

As if doing you wrong wasn't bad enough, he tried to make you feel crazy. Yes keep it over, you really got out early. I wish you happiness.

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