Petrified of Mediocrity

...the earth of another...

It's funny that my whole life I wished for love, to fill me up, to make me feel complete. Grab a shovel and fill my emptiness with the earth of another. And I think when you first meet someone and fall in love, you feel like the emptiness is gone, but no...soon the earth settles and there is still an empty space there. Then what?

It's also interesting that my whole life I longed for the love of my life, for ROMANCE. Little did I know that most of the romance I would experience would occur when I was alone; alone walking through Spanish ruins, alone exploring the markets of San Jose, alone on the train through the Pyrenese mountains. Music moved through every youthful fiber, dreaming of the unpredictable, but sure to be magical future.

I loved him so much. More than I should have. I wanted him so badly. He was my soul mate, but he infuriates me! I want to scream at him...Just humor me! Satisfy my wantonness. Break away from the trance of the TV and see me with new eyes. Shake off the sleep of your stupor and feel my skin--it's all yours for the taking. I'll give you everything. If you want to be my husband, you have to love me with all you've got.


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