live has 4 letters. die has 3.
i have two hands. i do not take 1 for granted.
i think i appreciate what i have. like a dancer in a ballroom in eternity.

imagine that. giving a dancer eternity to move in. - or on, or through.

eternity, like the devil in a fire.

i rule the devil has arms longer than mine. his nails carve deep. to enter the soul you cut through the veretebrae.

he wears this deceiving american flag kimono with neon eye shadow and a diamond encrusted cross. premadonna. son of a bitch.

in illinois you might find that damn devil dancing. now aint that a third degree burn to everything you thought.

you thought therefore you thought wrong.

is it me, or when you see eternity are you nearly paralyzed. like crying wolf. we want it all and then all is here and here is not what we want. all in all, all is hell. and I've seen some try to trade everything in for nothing and that is just a yard-sale in purgatory. do we live for all? we don't live for nothing and living to live anyone can do, right? i certainly can't say if we live for eternity. so then what. is he who dissects life while living dead anyway?

muevete! this is getting heavy and slippery.

have you ever tried to carry a huge box that is heavy and slippery. trust those two hands.
eternity is now behind me. like a virgin, not a baptist. i think there is freedom in a time limit. boredom can breed from somewhere within freedom. and when i am without mind i am my most free then i am my most lost. i can't capitolize i.

in illinois i thought id find me.


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