Love is tough.

We met 3 years ago through his cousin. He was everythign I had ever wanted, yet he had some bad points like drinking to much. Well I was "so in love" that I thought he would change. We ended up getting married in June 2006. In November I found out I was pregnant. He was excited yet not. March we found it was a girl. Then he left me. Said he just couldn't be married anymore. He threatend to sign his rights away to our daughter and even questioned if it was his. All of this at being 7 months pregnant almost made me loose her. Finally one day I decided it was just me and her and I wasn't going to fail for him to see. I had my daughter in July. Him and his parents showed up drunk to the hospital after my c-section to see my little girl. She was precious, and a mini me by the way. 3 weeks later we were divorced. The following wednesday, my daughter came home with bruses from her first visitaion with him. I never in my life wanted to hurt someone as much as I did at that very moment. From that point on I was thankful he had left. If he hadn't left, I wouldn't have realized I didn't deserve to be put down by him constantly, have to always give up everything so he could have what he wanted, and I wouldn't have a beautiful little girl to life for and strive to do my best for. He tore me apart. Theres no doubting that, but without him doing that I wouldn't be in the place I am in now. I have a 14 month old little girl who is the center of my world. He hardly sees her, which doesn't really seem to hurt my feelings. One day she might ask who her father is and I can tell her. But as far as him being in her life, well he made that choice and he's going to lie in the bed he made. I on the other hand have taken this expierence in my life and learned that I don't need a man. I have had a boyfriend who was pyschotic, one who liked his drugs and drink, and one who just couldn't make time for me ever. So until someone comes along and just proves to me he is meant to be in OUR lives, then its just us and I am perfectly happy that way.


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