The Tale of Romeo Boy

What this sweet Romeo boy saw in me, I have no clue. I was definately not meant to be his Juliet. I was in love with the fact that he loved me.

I crushed anything we could have had.

He was a Romeo Boy: Sweet, cute, willing to bend over backward for me. He bought me my first and only red rose, he bought me chocolates compulsively. He watched Stardust with me, dealt with my parents, and talked with me for endless hours on the phone about nothing. He seemed like the perfect, amazing guy-just not for me. And I knew it from the start.

I am compulsive, open, and sometimes emotionally unstable. What this sweet Romeo boy saw in me, I have no clue. I was definately not meant to be his Juliet. I was in love with the fact that he loved me. I had him wrapped around my finger from the time we started dating.

I will tell you right now, this Romeo boy had some flaws. I will not deny it, I have many of my own as well. I have always fallen for charismatic boys-the gorgeous, openly flirty type who can manipulate any girl into wanting him. Romeo boy was quiet, sweet, shy and very innocent. My type? I think not. He didn't talk about anything, I had to go in for almost every kiss, and we didn't even go as far as making out in the 2 months we dated. I, sadly, was kind of bored with the relationship. I never admitted it Romeo boy until the very end of the relationship-and I did it the worst way.

I kissed the charismatic boy I wanted more than anything.

My mistake? Yes. Did I regret it? Not one bit. I had wanted that kiss for 2 years. Did Charismatic boy have bad timing? Yes. Was I stupid for doing this? Yes.

Romeo Boy, needless to say, was not pleased. He got dumped the day AFTER I kissed Charismatic Boy. I got deamed a Cheating Whore, and Romeo Boy had his heart broken.

I was immediately apologetic, and attempted to get back with Romeo Boy. It hurt me to see him hurt. I still cared about him-but from a friend perspective. 2 weekends after Charismatic Boy went in for the kiss, Romeo Boy and I tried to spend some time together.

Guess who we ran into? Charismatic Boy! Oh goody! Stupid me went to talk to him, and got sucked into the conversation while Romeo Boy went and did what he needed to do. I ended up kissing Charismatic Boy many times that night, and ending up pushing Romeo Boy even farther away from me that he was originally.

Romeo Boy and I ended up spending most of the night together, and we actually talked. He backed into a pole at Taco Bell (with his mother's car I may add) because he was looking at me and not the road. I cannot enter that parking lot without silently smiling.

After Romeo Boy told me he would never say no, and that he would definately think about going back out, he did something that I would have never thought he would do.
He dated a lesbian, and then had sex with the first girl he found.

Any and all respect I had for him was gone from then on. I cried over a boy for the first time the night I heard what he did.

Now, almost a year later, I am with a different Charismatic Boy. The original Charismatic Boy, whom I still dearly love, is with one of my friends.

Romeo Boy is, oddly enough, friends with Charismatic Boy #2 and is infautated with his ex-girlfriend.

Strange, small little world we live in.


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